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We are the future

icon Welcome to Sky - Net Atlantis WebSite

We are a network focused around DC (DirectConnect). We are mainly focused on Sci-Fi, and general TV. We have Spread into other areas, like
Webradio and Gaming, even the odd server sponsoring for gamers.

Please note that we do not condone the sharing of illegal materials or copyrighted materials. Our hubs are, and always will be, there for the
purpose of sharing of uncopyrighted materials, and shareware/freeware. Each person therefore share on their own accord what they have, and we
in no way take responsibility for this. Our hubs are a meeting place where you can chat, get help and come together as a community, and share
legal files.

We wish you a Good stay here in the Sky - Net Network, And hope you will come back to us.

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icon All rights recived

icon News from Sky - Net Atlantis

25.12.2005- New hub is online now

           We just lunch a new hub soft.Please enjoy it and we hope that you will have fun on it.For more information about the hub visit
           our Hubs section.

15.01.2006 - Internet Service System

           We owen our thanks to the Sky - Net California company for the internet service they are providing us.With out them all this can’t be
           posible They
           help us for the same reason “ to make your spending time on the internet more fun and to find what you need “ by the help of our
           hub soft.

28.02.2006 - Godbye Oana

           For the some reason Oana (the operator of our hub) have to leave us.The reason that Oana leave us are confidential.Maby some day
           we can welcome her back.We hope that this leaving of Oana is just temporary.We have a lettle rememder for you Oana : ” Will not
           be the same with out you “.

10.09.2006 - New Server Online

           A new server is online you can learn more about the server from the Servers section.Go to the Servers section and there you can
           learn everythink about our servers and some new news about the server when it’s gone comme out or online

12.07.2006 - SN Radio Station is Back

           SN Radio Station is back online from today whit new hits new dedication.Sorry but we don’t have a special section for the radio     
           anyway it is easy to listen.Just download the winamp version from the Downloads section ,instal it and then just click
here.In rest
        just enjoy the music and don’t ezitated to make dedication online.Contact iformation office phone is +40768602159

02.11.2006 - More cients DC Plus Plus

           More clients of DC Plus Plus you can find it now at the next link.Maby you have preferinte.We can’t tell you everything about
           them but you can surely find out.Just go to the next link and take what you need.All the thanks to Sky - Net Atlantis and Asgards.
here for link transfer

06.01.2007 - Now we have a special page for our SN Radio Team

           Nothing much to say every thing is post it there.Hope that you will enjoy it ! Have fun with us and thank you for choseing us !
here to go to the special page

31.01.2012 - New Dj on SN Radio Station

           Every Saturday night it is the show of Dj Edy >> Play stady with Edy - That’s Dj Edy
           and every Sunday night is time for Dj Radu to mix >> Sunday night show with Dj Radu
           But evrey event and news about SN Radio Station you can find it on Radio section
04.02.2012 - We are expending

           So like every network we are going olso on TV Station.The name of our TV Station is SN TV ofcourse
           The SN TV is on promo mode at the moment...What is Promo mode you ask your self?
           Well the Promo mode is what will be on the chanel,movie that you can see and news about tv shows
           All this will be on SN TV so tune in now on

15.03.2012 - Online chat is up on Radio Page

           Online chat is up and running all you have to do is enter the Radio Page and you will be automatically
          connected to the chat.After you have connected to the chat you can change your nick by duble clicking
           on your nick.If you have any questions you can ask any operators on the chat.Enjoy and do not hesitate
           to dedicate.Any song request,Make it on the chat.Thank you! Don’t forgot to go on Radio Page or click

06.05.2013 - Counter - Strike server online now

           A Counter - Strike server is online now for more information or trying out the server “ War - Zone Territory “ click here or go to the Servers section